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“Cats don’t forgive, and once they realize a person is causing them anxiety or hurt, they keep away.”

So says John Bradshaw, an anthrozoologist at Bristol University and author of “Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet.”

In other words, a cat knows who sprayed him with the water bottle when he was sitting on the stove or kitchen table….

Any cat owners receiving their shiny new copy of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit today were probably already worrying about how their feline friends would adapt to a new, speedy Mario kart boosting around the living room. As you might expect, early indicators reveal that it’s not going well….

Are you a cat owner who thinks nothing of letting their cat roam outdoors at night? If you are, and yet you also care for the environment, you may want to rethink the house rules.

Some cat owners are more than happy to allow their cats a free rein when it comes to outdoor pursuits. But a study carried out by Arizona State University suggests the marauding domestic cat is contributing to the decline of wildlife and, consequently, urban ecosystems…

Almost every fan of Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, knows the story of his cat Eye in the Dark. Reedus adopted a rescue kitty for his son, who was five at the time. His son came up with the name because when the black cat laid on the black floors, they could only see its eyes.

Now Reedus will be a guest at CatCon Worldwide, and with all the love he has for his cat, it is no surprise. If you look at Reedus’ Instagram, you can find many great photos of his cat and stories about the two traveling together by plane or even Jeep rides from New York to Georgia…

A viral video shows an angry woman dubbed a “Karen” taking all of her clothes off at the gym and proceeding to exercise inside of a public workout facility after her pet cat was denied entry. The 56-year-old resident of New Taipei City, Taiwan, was reportedly a frequent visitor of the World Gym in Tamsui and had previously been refused entry when she tried to bring in her cat…