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Nevaeh Lowe, a little five-year-old little girl from England sent a letter addressed to “heaven” when her beloved pet cat, Tin Tin, passed away.

After her cat best friend left her, Nevaeh was shattered and worried that Tin Tin would be alone. She wrote a letter to Tin Tin with “the brightest star in the clouds, heaven” as the address, to make sure Tin Tin is doing fine up there.

“I miss you so much, you are the best cat ever, I love you and I will never forget you,” wrote Nevaeh’s letter. She also included a photo of them together for Tin Tin to keep. “I have a photo of you and now you have one too, love, Nevaeh.”…

A hostel attached to a rescue cat cafe in Osaka Prefecture allows guests to fall asleep while gazing at cats, offering a haven for those wishing to escape from reality amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The hostel, known as Neko Hatago, opened last December as an annex to the cat cafe Neko Yokujo. With eight dormitory rooms modeled after lodging for travelers in the pre-modern Edo Period (1603-1868), guests can watch cats from the cafe through a window installed by each bedside…

A newly published study looking at cats in Wuhan, where the first known outbreak of COVID-19 began, shows more cats might be contracting the disease than first believed.

Researchers from Huazhong Agricultural University, in the Chinese city, took blood samples from 102 cats between January and March 2020, following the first outbreak. Nasal and anal swabs were also collected…

If you have a cat, you may fall in one of five categories ranging from “conscientious caretaker” to “tolerant guardian,” according to researchers at the University of Exeter in England.

Domestic cats fall on a spectrum based on their proclivity to hunting and roaming and the supervision levels of their owners can affect how the feline pets interact with their surrounding environments.
Whereas some owners embrace the more wild tendencies of their cats and allow them the space to roam outdoors, others prefer raising house cats, keeping their furry friends inside and under supervision. Depending on where in this spectrum, you may be a “conscientious caretakers” or a “freedom defender.”..

An American soldier is hoping to be reunited with her beloved cats after having to leave them behind when returning from her deployment.

Sergeant Etter will soon have to say goodbye to two kittens who she formed a special bond with while stationed in the Middle East. Now, with the help of Paws of War —  a non-profit organization that provides assistance to military members and their pets — she might be able to send her furry friends back to America with her…